The Three Principles School


The Three Principles School was founded in 2008, by Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle at the request of Sydney Banks. He guided us through the first three classes and his last talks before an audience were given there.

Click here to see what Syd had to say about the school.

Syd talked about the critical need for the school and its role of ensuring that the teachings of the Three Principles as taught by Sydney Banks continue. He was keenly aware of the growing demand for teachers with the deepest possible understanding of the Principles, and the volumes of human suffering they could end. He was passionate and unequivocal about the importance of teaching the spiritual essence of the Principles.

With Syd no longer here to speak directly about his profound understanding, the Three Principles School has taken on an even greater significance. He prompted its establishment so that we could continue to deepen our understanding of the true nature of the Principles, and of ourselves as teachers. This is evident in a letter Syd left on his website.

Again, thank you for your support. The common interest we share in preserving Syd’s legacy, according to his wishes, assures that the impact of the Principles on humanity will continue to grow.  If you have been touched by the power of Syd’s work and teaching, we hope to see you at the school here on beautiful Salt Spring Island.

Upcoming School
The Three Principles Foundation will host the 10th session of the Three Principles School entitled: The Psychological Trinity, A New Understanding of the Origins of Human Psychological Experience from June 5th through June 8th of 2014. We welcome all who have a desire to deepen their understanding of the Principles, as well as the implications they hold for the field of psychology, to join us along with guest speakers, George and Linda Pransky, here on Salt Spring Island.

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School Archives
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